The Boo
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Doctor Doctor

Pet Loving


Hide Me


Lay Lay

Noise & Sound2

An Awful Piece Of Fun

Rocket Jerk



He was the ghost of a toast
He was the ghost of a toast
I meet him every time I eat
You know, he made my life complete
Ghost of a toast… … my life complete

They said my independence’s lost
The one who blame is ghost of a toast
He always tells me what to do, can’t even set my mind on you, babe
I need him bad… …mind on you

Hey! Hey! Hey!
I eat a lot I’m getting fat
I feel the great pride that he gets
Well, fat’s eating up my mind
He’s made his awful crime
Ghost of a toast… …it’s up to me

Hey! Hey! Hey!
He was the ghost of a toast
I call my shame: ghost of a toast
Situation’s out of control
That’s the ‘cause of my aching soul
Fuck the soul! I need him so!

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The Boo is the underground rithm'n'blues, rock'n'roll, garage rock, punk band from Moscow
The Boo - андеграунд группа, представляющая ритм энд блюз, рок'н'ролл, гаражный рок, панк в Москве

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