The Boo
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Doctor Doctor

Pet Loving


Hide Me


Lay Lay

Noise & Sound2

An Awful Piece Of Fun

Rocket Jerk



Girl you don’t understand
Do I look like a fool
Try to insist again
Got to explain for you

Realize, don’t you know
Condoms are an evil thing

Problems are all around
Let’s make one more for me
Can’t you see I’m afraid
Of this important thing

Realize, don’t you know
Put it on your stupid head

We spent whole night with that
Dressing up my pure boy
It couldn’t rise when you’re
Talking to me this way

Realize, don’t you know
I know another foolish one

Go to hell with this pack
You better stay away
Can’t you see I’m afraid
Oh, babe, I’m afraid!

Realize, don’t you know
Infection’s in your head

I gonna find this one
Who produced condoms than
Gonna cut of his dick
Shut up your damned mouth

Realize, don’t you know
Oh, babe, it’s deepest fear

I’m so afraid of it
I’m so afraid of you
I’m afraid of myself
Mama, please, take me home!

Realize, don’t you know
Find another foolish one…

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The Boo is the underground rithm'n'blues, rock'n'roll, garage rock, punk band from Moscow
The Boo - андеграунд группа, представляющая ритм энд блюз, рок'н'ролл, гаражный рок, панк в Москве

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